Dr. Prabir K Patra

Chair - Department of Biomedical Engineering

University of Bridgeport. USA


Research Areas:

multifunctional nanomaterials, polymeric nanocomposites,bioinspired nanomaterials, biomedical materials, tissue engineering, flexible nanoelectronics,bioelectronics, polymer gels, biosensors, label free immunoassay, lab on chip protein sensor, piezoelectric soft materials, carbon nanotube and graphene architectures and their device and hybrid nanomaterials for sustainable energy

Vladimir G. Chigrinov

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


Research Interests
Computer modeling of various electrooptical effects in Liquid Crystals (LC); Photo-aligning technique for LCD applications; LC devices in fiber optics; Fast multistable ferroelectric liquid crystal devices.

Dr. Ashok K Ganguly

Director,Institute of Nano Science and Technology
Habitat Centre, Mohali, Punjab


Research Interests

Designing of nanostructures using microemulsions with desired size, shape, shell thickness and aspect ratio for applications in photocatalysis, photovoltaics, efficient electrocatalysis for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions and porous functionalised nanostructures for toxin removal and water purification. Apart from research in nanoscience & technology his other major research interest is in the field of high temperature superconductors.

Prof. Ranjan Ganguli,

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, India.


Title of the Talk

"Smart Helicopter Rotors: Vibration Control using Piezoelectric Stack Actuators"

Prof. Sabu Thomas
Professor (Polymer Technology)
MG University, Kerala India


Title of Talk:

"Engineering at the Nanoscale: A Strategy for Developing High Performance Functional Materials"

Prof. Moris S. Eisen

Schulich Faculty of Chemistry Technion,

Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Title of Talk:

"Polymerization of Alpha Olefins by Group 4 Organometallic Catalysts: Tailor Made your own Polymer"


Prof. Ajayan Vinu

Professor of Nanomaterials

Future Industries Institute,

University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia 

Research Interests :

Nanoporous materials and their application in sensing, energy storage, fuel cells, adsorption and separation, and catalysis.

Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde

Professor, Prof. CNR Rao Chair,

BMS R and D Centre

B.M.S. College of Engineering,

Bangalore, India


Title of Talk:

Super Capacitors using Biowaste Materials based carbon nanospheres: Waste to wealth approach"


Dr. Praveen C Ramamurthy

Associate Professor

Dept of Materials Engineering

Indian Institute of Science



Research Areas:

Organic devices, conducting polymers, organic photvoltaic devices


Dr. M.V. Reddy

Department of Materials Science & Engineering and physics 
National University of Singapore 


Research Areas:

Materials Science

Title of Talk:

"Advance Functional Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries"