Scope of the Conference

In view of the increasing applications of smart materials in several fields, they provide one of the most promising emerging markets for equipment and materials suppliers in the coming years. This conference enables to deepen and broaden knowledge of smart engineering materials and to share innovative ideas and responsiveness to ever-increasing international needs. The objective of this conference is to bring together experts from academia, professional engineers, industries and research organizations for sharing of knowledge,expertise and experience in the emerging trends related to smart multifunctional materials. The conference is structured with plenary lectures by eminent researchers of international repute on the theme of the conference followed by contributed papers along with poster presentations.

A pre-conference tutorial for novice researchers in the field of Smart Materials is scheduled on 20 October 2016 on ‘Design and Simulation of smart materials’ using Materials Studio software.

Material Studio is a complete modelling and simulation environment, designed to allow researchers in materials science to predict and understand the relationships of materials atomic and molecular structure with its properties and behaviour. The software is used in advanced research of various materials such as polymers, nanotubes, catalysts, metals, and ceramics which constitute smart materials.